Kepler becomes a retailer’s key data and analytics partner


The Kepler system using our proprietary traffic measurement technology provides a flexible system delivering a complete sales optimisation platform using our retail traffic measures, sales and causative sales drivers measures to drive positive in store sales behaviour.

Based on the visible trends and analysis, retailers can determine practical actions to improve their return from store and staff investment.

The KeplerX module then allows retailers to automate responses to store performance and monitor compliance to these instructions.

Kepler does not act like a software provider nor do we see ourselves as one. We are a business partner assisting retailers to maximise their bricks and mortar environment. Our Kway engagement structure ensures we are supportive and as involved as necessary in your business.

Meet Our Team

Kepler Analytics is a rapidly growing team of retail experts, hardware engineers, software developers, data scientists, and operations specialists who work together to support global retailers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, China, Europe, UK and South Africa. Our team continues to expand on the back of a successful Series A raise lead by Reinventure, as we support more and more businesses who share in our belief that data driven actions can fundamentally transform the customer experience.

Our Story

Kepler was founded in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia by a dedicated team of engineers and former retailers with the belief that data driven actions can fundamentally transform the retail experience.

We started by assessing all major approaches and enabling technologies globally, but we couldn’t find a solution truly designed around the realities of running a bricks and mortar retail business. To be useful, any solution needs to be powerful yet practical and easy to implement.

Working closely with several retail partners, our engineering team in Australia spent 2 years and $2 million in intense R&D to develop the Kepler Customer Behaviour Sensor and the accompanying approach that would meet the needs of the modern retailer.

We pioneered the concept of in-store sensor technology being invisible by design – technology that doesn’t get in the way of the customer experience or your team’s workflow. Having full control over the technology has enabled us to implement customer behaviour tracking in any retail environment previously considered too challenging, including pop-up booths and large format stores with high shelves.

We also independently developed the Command Centre that enables retail operations teams to take action almost immediately rather than spend time analysing more data. The mobile Command Centre gives global retail managers full control over their entire store network on-the-go. This platform was seen as such a huge step forward, that in June 2019 we were accepted into Microsoft’s ScaleUp accelerator program, an exclusive incubator that only accepts 20 businesses a year.

With all this in mind, something critically important to us is maintaining absolute protection over shopper privacy. We live in a world full of invasive tracking systems – from security cameras to apps on our phones. While we can’t stop what others are doing, we can set a positive example and reject the notion that privacy is something we should ever compromise on. We are proud sponsors of the Privacy by Design project headed by Dr André Gygax from the University of Melbourne and will continue to do our part to support consumer privacy protection.

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