The most powerful sensor …

The Kepler Sensor accurately measures foot traffic using wireless phone detection technology. Our engineers designed and built the Sensor here in Australia.

The Sensor provides business intelligence grade data on the following customer behaviour measures:


… is also the most invisible

We believe that store analytics should work in any store environment and not get in the way of the customer experience or your team’s workflow:


How does the Kepler Sensor Compare to other technologies on the market?

Our engineering team has rigorously tested more than 60 existing solutions in the market for in-store people detection. None are sufficiently powerful and practical enough to implement globally.

So, we spent 2 years and $2 million in R&D to build the perfect solution from the ground up. Judge for yourself:



Your Operations command centre


Forecast which stores won't achieve targets in real-time and fix the lagging metrics before the day ends. 

Kepler Operations Command Centre accessible on any mobile device

Kepler Operations Command Centre accessible on any mobile device

Be in full control of global store performance:



Growth Opportunities Grounded In Reality

Data can be overwhelming. Our guiding principle is to provide you with real impact and we help you prioritise data driven opportunities based on the realities of your business.  

Here are different areas of opportunities we can help uncover:



We’ve thought about every little detail

We have invested heavily into advanced systems and processes that monitor and protect the security, integrity and reliability of your data.    

Here are some of our enterprise initiatives:


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