August 11, 2023

Webinar – Retail Industry Results Trends, and a Path To Profitability Growth for 2023

This year has delivered serious challenges to retail. Year on year declines in traffic are now common. To combat these headwinds, greater insight and awareness of the changes are required.

Kepler Analytics has aggregated data from numerous sources including almost 2000 retailers across Australia and New Zealand to provide updated trends, insights and potentially a path to increased profitability despite the challenges for the remaining year ahead.

Join our expert panel in the latest edition of our free flowing webinar series:

Tom Gleeson, CEO

Tony De Fazio, Head of Product

Kylie Smart, Head of Customer Success

Key topics include:

  • A wrap of market conditions so far throughout 23
  • A forecast for the balance of FY23
  • Insights for Father’s Day ahead
  • Key action plans for retailers seeking to maintain profitability in the face of declining sales.

We hope you find this webinar informative and valuable.

Webinar Documents

Download: Store Network Toolkit  
Download: Kepler Retail Index (KRI)