August 31, 2016

Where are my customers?!

How heat maps can increase your revenue.

Where are my customers?

Hopefully your customers are in your store. At the moment, knowing whether a customer is in your store or not, is as far as most retailers go. What if you could tell where your customers are spending their time inside your store?

That would be pretty great, we know. We also know that seeing where in your store your customers are spending most of their time is extremely valuable.

Why is knowing where my customer is in store important?

Footfall counting helps you understand the volume of customers you are getting a day, the beginning of your funnel. Sales data shows you the end of your funnel; it shows what customers end up buying. If you know how long customers spend in different areas of your store, then you have more awareness of what products customers looked at first and considered buying. You can see where they go when they enter your shop and where they are stopping. Comparing this to sales data for those products helps you refine product offerings. This knowledge allows you to experiment with messaging and displays which in turn helps you find out what results in increased consideration time and browsing, ending in greater sales volume.

Kepler can show you where your customers are!

All of these reasons are why we’re developing one of the world’s most accurate in-store customer heat mapping technologies. After a simple placement of three small devices around your store, you have live daily and weekly visual reports of exactly where customers spend the most time in your store.

The devices can be placed anywhere there are powerpoints, out of sight anywhere around your store. They don’t need line of sight into any area, or any external wiring; it’s simply a matter of plugging them into available powerpoints, and away they go. After a week, you can log in to your own dashboard via your computer or iPad and you will see highly accurate visuals of where your customers have been spending their time.

Why wonder where your customers spend most of your time when you can see it first-hand? Contact us to learn more about what goes on in your store each day, without being physically in your store each day.


You can follow us on twitter at @KeplerAnalytics, call us: 1800 300 892 or email us at: At Kepler we believe that privacy is most important. Secondly, understanding your foot traffic and visual merchandising is the start to bridging the gap between the physical and digital. Understanding your customer behaviour can help you understand what types of communications are working. Linking your foot traffic to digital and traditional marketing campaigns will allow you to see how your marketing efforts actually affect sales. As always, do your research and use a solution that helps you achieve the goals of each new project.