Choose Kepler and be Privacy Safe

Kepler is the solution

Kepler’s unique technology uses the ‘Radio Frequency Density’ output from smart phones without identifying the phone or the person. In summary, Kepler uses the signal output, the dwell time and movement of the phone to assign a ‘pseudo identifier’ to the phone, thus counting and tracking only within the range of the sensor. This makes Kepler’s technology intrinsically private, in that it does not infringe on, and is not applicable when it comes to the numerous compliance frameworks (Australian Privacy and Surveillance Laws, GDPR, CCPA, LGPD etc).

Kepler is comprehensive

Using our data collection as well as input from POS and other store systems (WFM, NPS, etc) provides a suite of measures across two levels:

Customer behaviour

  • Conversion of passers-by into store traffic
  • Behaviour of customers within the store (dwell time, bounce rates, inter-zone movement and others)

Store Performance

  • Sales conversion of the traffic to transactions
  • Impact of traffic volumes and staff scheduling on conversion and Average Transaction Values (ATV)
  • The relationship between zones within the store, specifically the visit affinity between zones and the resultant basket
  • Effectiveness of promotions and store layouts using customer journey, zone affinity and other analyses

These are just some examples of how the Kepler measures and dashboards can be used.

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