Customer Success Stories

Whilst we are currently helping retailers manage store networks in more than 350 shopping centres and commercial locations, there are many other use cases for the Kepler Analytics Customer Behaviour System.

Kepler analytics is a retail game changer. It’s a weapon of mass destruction for my retail operations team.”

Toby Darvall CEO

Ishka – rapidly growing 40 store national homeware & gifts retailer

Kepler Analytics: More than just retail

The Kepler system is being applied in a number of different industry sectors. The versatility of the Kepler traffic counted has enabled many different types of customers increase visibility into their operations and increase the effectiveness of their service delivery.

  • Shopping Centres: Identifying traffic volumes and centre hot-spots to allow for more effective leasing
  • Cinemas: Monitoring dwell times at ticket booths and correlating concession purchases to movie genres and time of day
  • Residential Builders: Monitoring cross-visitation of display homes within a showcase village as well as movement patterns within display homes and repeat visits
  • Local and State Government: Providing actionable insight into various high traffic areas. Analysing data in and out of major sporting events, service delivery levels at local Libraries and traffic flow analysis at public properties such as Rundle Mall.

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