Surrounding Active Shopper Traffic

Get ahead of your competition by being able to monitor your stores’ share of shoppers in the surrounding area. 

Around 30% of shoppers make unplanned purchases and store visits during each shopping trip

As a retailer, it is important to be able to drive continuous performance improvement so you can stay ahead of your competition.

To support this continuous improvement, Kepler Analytics has developed a unique product that enables you to accurately track your bricks-and-mortar stores’ share of shoppers within 150ft or 50m of the store.

Having this improved visibility of the customer path-to-purchase will enable you to gain new insights into how your stores are performing relative to the available catchment of shoppers. This product is ideally suited to stores located in shopping malls or centres as well as strip malls or shopping strips, particularly when situated in a cluster of similar stores.

Our technology, which is intrinsically private, counts shoppers based on the radio frequency density emitted from their mobile or cell phone using a Smart Sensor located at the front of the store. This enables us to provide the most accurate measure of active shoppers by exclude people rapidly transiting through the area as well as store associates, all whilst maintaining the privacy of those shoppers being counted.

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