Merchandise Toolkit

By implementing the Kepler Merchandise Toolkit, our partners have seen increases in Sales Conversion, Average Transaction Value, Margin, and Network Profitability.

  • Capture under-performing customer profiles & demographics
  • Predict conversion response to price, promotional, or range changes in store
  • Optimise stock levels using actual customer demographic / profile data and traffic forecasts
  • Increase sell-through rate of clearance stock by allocating inventory to stores likeliest to convert
  • When Kepler views the stores by unique zones the customer behaviour between zones on their store journey becomes visible and Kepler relates this to basket size, ATV, associated products and more
  • Through the use of sophisticated analysis Kepler provides insights to product range efficiencies, range rationalisations, key lines identification and much more buying focussed actions

Tailoring your customer experience to suit different customer profiles

The Kepler Merchandise Toolkit enables retailers increased visibility into product, promotion, and visual merchandising effectiveness. By understanding customer behaviour and demographics, retailers are able to more effectively manage and sell their inventory while tailoring a customer experience to suit different customer profiles.

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