The Kepler System Puts Foot Traffic Statistics & Analytics at Your Fingertips

It’s difficult to truly know how your retail stores are performing without accurate measurements of foot traffic. Sales sheets might tell you how much money the store is making, but without knowing how much foot traffic is passing through, there’s no way of knowing how many people you’re actually converting into customers.

The Kepler System goes a step further than tracking foot traffic. Using advanced technology, Kepler is able to produce detailed foot traffic measurement reports in real-time, generating conversion statistics and a wealth of other useful analytics data for getting to know your customers better.

Rather than simply relaying how many bodies passed through the doors on any given day of the week, the Kepler System monitors their in-store movements, and elapsed time plays a factor as well.

How long are customers viewing the new merchandise on sale before moving along (Dwell Time)? Which area do customers appear to be most drawn to, and why? When is “peak hour” in store, and how long is the average customer waiting in line to make their purchase during this period?

View the in-store experience from your customers’ perspective, with Kepler foot traffic analysis technology

Kepler Analytics is remarkably straightforward to set up and interact with. These easily installed, Australian-designed and manufactured retail people counter sensors are out of sight to customers.

The information from these sensors is relayed back to the highly advanced platform, where the data is processed to produce detailed analysis reports in real-time. View this information instantly on a desktop, tablet or even your mobile device.

For an even more holistic overview of your retail store’s performance, seamlessly integrate this software with your POS system, scheduling/rostering software, inventory reporting system, marketing campaign software and other technologies.

Retailers of all shapes and sizes use our highly advanced footfall traffic measuring technology to:

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Aquila has implemented the Kepler System across all its 55 nationwide stores to continually improve the customer experience as/when necessary, through real-time data analysis and actionable insights. Trial Kepler for your own business today, by requesting a demo.