Property Toolkit

The Kepler Property Toolkit enables retailers to effectively manage their entire property network including everything from re-negotiating lease costs based on real traffic data, through to new site assessments and even store closure impact across your network.

  • Challenge occupancy costs using actual passers-by traffic volumes.
  • Compare traffic trends across different centres, property groups, or store types.
  • Forecast sales at new locations using traffic trends and customer demographics.
  • Optimise network profitability using cross visitation analysis.
  • Rental Calculator
  • Set up to provide you with traffic trends by centre
  • Allows input of monthly rent per store
  • Calculates Rent per Passerby and per Square Metre
  • Compare centres and stores over time

Predict sales numbers for new sites or impact underperforming stores have on profitability

By analysing customer traffic trends, demographics, and cross visitation numbers, retailers  can effectively predict sales numbers for new sites or even what impact closing underperforming stores will have on network profitability.  This kind of increased visibility makes retail network optimisation accessible and easy for all retail property management and operations workers.

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