November 30, 2020

KEPLER RETAIL INDEX (KRI) week ending 29/11/2020 Retail foot traffic sees steep incline with positive sales results

As expected, this Black Friday week was a big one. We saw a 42% and 46% spike in passer-by and inside traffic respectively vs last week. This continues the strong trend to growth in bricks and mortar shopping.

It also appears that customers are comfortable with the somewhat informal social distancing protective processors that are currently in place in-store.

In addition to strong sales numbers there has been lower discounting this year and subsequently margins are between 10-30 points (1% – 3%) better than last year.

Overall an amazingly positive week with Sales, Sales conversion rate (SCR), Shopfront conversion (SFC) and Average transaction value (ATV) for the first time this year are all positive vs 2019. Many of Keplers retail clients are seeing 50% + like for like sales vs 2019.

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