December 16, 2022

Retail Radar – Boxing Day 2022 Preview 

Data below is representative of Australia & New Zealand only. If you would like retail insights on other regions please get in touch with us at

In this Retail Radar we will be taking a look at the November and December trading data for Australia and New Zealand 2022.

The data we will be using is from November 2nd, 2022 and is aligned to the same retail day. We will be providing a cumulative perspective up until January 9th, 2023.

We are unable to share raw numbers due to confidentiality reasons. However, we will be providing an overview of the “Whole Wallet” trend across retail (excluding grocery and hospitality).

The data for the analysis above was sourced from the Kepler Retail Index (KRI), If you would like to see its full capability, register below for a FREE Demo.