July 12, 2023

Retail Radar – First Half Calendar Year Wrap Up 2023

In this Retail Radar, Tony De Fazio, our very own Head of Product will be looking at the first 6 months of 2023 by month, using our key metrics such as Passer-by and Inside Traffic, Dwell Time and Sales Conversion. Looking across Australia, Tony discusses comparisons with yr on yr as well as to pre covid. 

In this last 6 months, has there been a change in Passer-by Traffic and is there an impact to retail. 

Using the Kepler Retail Index of over 1800 stores across Australia, here is a review of Passer-by traffic from the last 6 months of 2023, comparing with yr on yr as well as to pre covid  (4yrs).

Data below is representative of Australia only. If you would like retail insights on other regions please get in touch with us at info@kepleranalytics.com

The data for the analysis above was sourced from the Kepler Retail Index (KRI), If you would like to see its full capability, register below for a FREE Demo.