May 9, 2023

Retail Radar – Mother’s Day 2023

In this Retail Radar, Tony De Fazio, our very own Head of Product will be looking at certain retail categories and comparing various ABS metrics as well as our KRI networks. There are strong trends in food & cafes, although a slight decline in specialty retailers. Listen for some tips on how retailers can create actions such as ensuring stock is readily available and team resources are used effectively over these high traffic times.

Using the Kepler Retail Index of over 1800 stores across Australia, here is a review of Outside Traffic over 2019, 2021 and 2022. As well as discussing Average Unit Price comparisons 2022 vs 2023 with Valentines Day and how it is looking to date, coming up to Mother’s Day. 

Data below is representative of Australia only. If you would like retail insights on other regions please get in touch with us at

Download: Mini Radar – Mother’s Day 2023

The data for the analysis above was sourced from the Kepler Retail Index (KRI), If you would like to see its full capability, register below for a FREE Demo.