January 11, 2021

KEPLER RETAIL INDEX (KRI) week ending 10/01/2021 – Sales Conversion Rate (SCR) – The stand out metric

We are now back on schedule for our KRI summaries with this edition. So, the second week of 2021, are we used to writing that year yet? Last week we saw sales off to a good start and this week remains to be a similar story with 14% up tick YoY.

The very eye opening Sales Conversion Rate (SCR) really cements in what the data showed us last year and what it continues to show is in these first two weeks. That is, when a shopper is inside your store they are purposeful and they are willing to spend more per transaction. We will be discussing this and much more in our upcoming RETAIL RADAR LIVE webinar with Grant Saligari – Director, Credit Suisse. Feel free to join as we encourage all attendees to participate in the conversation and learn from your peers.

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