February 8, 2021

KEPLER RETAIL INDEX (KRI) week ending 07/02/2021 A deeper dive into outside traffic by location profile

Outside traffic still down, but some locations more than others
With outside traffic still lower vs last year by about 30% Australia wide, our KRI showed that some locations profiles are feeling this reduction in traffic more so than others. Outside traffic in outlets, CBD and strip malls have seen an extra 5-10% fall in traffic vs last year, but having said that, we did see a small sign of recovery in CBD traffic this week with a 1% increase.

Western Australia lock down
In the week starting 01/02 which included the majority of a 5 day lock down, our KRI showed a 64% decrease in sales vs the previous week and 52% decrease vs the previous year.

New Zealand
In New Zealand we are seeing similar consumer patterns to that of Australia but on less of an extreme curve. Outside traffic being down (AU -30% NZ -20%), but sales conversion (AU +50% NZ +34%) and average transaction values (AU +16% NZ 15%) going up.

In terms of sales, the north island is definitely propping up the country total this week with a 14% increase vs last year whereas the south saw a 9.8% decrease.


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