February 1, 2021

KEPLER RETAIL INDEX (KRI) week ending 31/01/2021 Western Australia’s Lockdown begins

The Western Australia Lockdown
Effective from 6pm Sunday on the 31st January 2021, until 6pm Friday on the 5 February 2021, the Perth metropolitan area, the Peel, and South West regions of Western Australia will enter a 5-day lockdown. You can find the latest and most up to date information on the WA government website.

In the past most previous weeks, the Kepler Retail Index has been telling us a similar story on how consumers are interacting with retail, and in large meeting our shared expectations on this front.

Next week, to help broaden the scope of vision, we will be diving into more detail and providing information on the following:

  • Sales Conversion Rate (SCR) changes by location.
  • Insights on specific locations that have seen increases in Average Transaction Value.
  • A more geographically specific Outside traffic trends analysis. 

We would also invite our subscribers to raise any questions regarding retail trends and traffic analysis. Email info@kepleranalytics.com with your question(s) and we will endeavour to respond with our thoughts and analysis, sharing any major findings that will come as the result.

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