August 17, 2023

Retail Radar – Retail and Stock Efficiency

In this Retail Radar, Tony De Fazio, our very own Head of Product will be looking at  the use of Dwell Time with our customers. The duration of a customer in store has increased by 10% compared to pre covid times. We understand that our customers shopping behavior has changed, and this has shown us that spending more time in store, does not necessarily convert to an increase in sales or even transactions.

If we focus on clothing categories, the items per Dwell hour are actually decreasing. Is there an inefficiency with stock levels?
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Using the Kepler Retail Index of over 1600 stores across Australia, here is a review of  Sales, Transactions and Items per Dwell Hour for the Periods March-April 2023 comparing to May-July 2023. 

Data below is representative of Australia only. If you would like retail insights on other regions please get in touch with us at

Download: Stock Efficiency Needs Attention

The data for the analysis above was sourced from the Kepler Retail Index (KRI), If you would like to see its full capability, register below for a FREE Demo.