March 11, 2021

KEPLER RETAIL INDEX (KRI) week ending 07/03/2021 What is the state of retail almost one year on from a global pandemic

We are almost one year on from the beginnings of a global pandemic. Are we going to return to ‘normal’, or has the pandemic just expedited an already visible trend that will continue as the ‘new normal’ moving forward? We can see from this year:
  • Outside / Passer-by traffic down approx 27% YTD YoY
  • Shopfront conversion (SFC) reasonably unaffected by the pandemic, down 2.9% YTD YoY
  • Sales conversion rate (SCR) up 45% YTD YoY
  • Average Transaction Values (ATV) up 13% YTD YoY
  • Most importantly Sales show 12% YTD YoY increase which includes only pre-pandemic dates

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